Three Bridge (3B) Clinic

For UBC students interested in learning more about the health challenges faced by residents of Vancouver who do not have a primary physician and who have challenges accessing traditional health care services, CHIUS (Community Health Initiative by University Students) and the Three Bridges (3B) clinic have partnered to offer the opportunity to participate in this interprofessional clinic. Students in many health disciplines, such as medicine, pharmacy, nursing, and social work, are invited to participate in the 3B Student Clinic. Students learn with and about other health care professions, including the roles that they play on contemporary health care teams, as well as the importance of civic duty, advocacy, service to others, and the tenets of professionalism.

Chronic pain management is a key topic discussed with most of the people seen at the 3B Student Clinic. It is also important for students to recognize the people they serve may have at times dealt with trauma, depression, addiction and other forms violence affecting their health and wellbeing. People also at times specifically access the clinic for its supportive environment for individuals who are transitioning in their gender identity or identify as Trans*.Under the supervision of preceptors, students interview persons living with chronic health conditions, and through a unique, team-based approach, provide appropriate counselling and deliver interventions.

If you are interested in participating in CHIUS please visit the Interprofessional Education (IPE) Passport website:  

Please note intake is usually mid-August, and all students must attend a mandatory CHIUS Orientation in September.