Positive Living Society of BC

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Health Promotion 

For UBC students interested in learning more about the challenges faced by people living with HIV/AIDS in Vancouver, CHIUS (Community Health Initiative by University Students) and Positive Living Society of BC have partnered to offer a series of health promotion workshops and community kitchens open to Positive Living members. As both of these groups come with their own experiences these activities provide an opportunity for students and community members to learn from one another. Students gain experience working within an interprofessional team, developing workshop skills, and understanding issues from the community’s perspective, while Positive Living members receive evidence-based information and practical solutions for managing their health.

If you are interested in participating in CHIUS please visit the Interprofessional Education (IPE) Passport  website:  https://passport.health.ubc.ca/

Previous Health Promotion Activities

Alternative Health and HIV
Discussions between students and Positive Living BC members regarding health management, focusing on developing relationships with medical professionals (medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, etc) and alternative therapy practitioners (massage, acupuncture, etc). Students and members also explore effective ways of managing health and balancing health advice from many modalities.

You are not Alone – HIV and Mental Health
Discussion between students and Positive Living BC members regarding aspects of mental health, focusing on identifying mental health needs, and the role of friends, family, and healthcare professionals in dealing with mental health issues.

Community Kitchens – Meals on a budget
Positive Living BC members and students gather to prepare nutritionally balanced meals on a budget. This is a place where Positive Living BC members and students can learn and share knowledge about nutrition and cooking while building community.